Hi Folks,

Have been designing, specifying, preparing and teaching audio for the upcoming Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference:


These folks do great work, and are great to work with!

If you have any interest in this kind of thing, get in touch with them.

I’ll be on-site setting up/striking before and after the Conference.  If you’re there, say hi!

Thanks and good health,  Weogo


Every year during July and the first week in August, Weogo is doing one thing: running sound and enjoying great music at the Swannanoa Gathering, a series of week-long music workshops held at Warren Wilson College.

This year was kind of a repeat of past years, great instructors and administrative staff to work with and fascinating students from all over.  Gorgeous campus.

One thing different this year was the rain.  Lots of rain.  And more rain!  Amazingly everybody stayed good-humored about it all.

Next year you too can join the fun:    http://www.swangathering.com/