Audio Equipment

Some of the Equipment Manufacturers we use:

Centrance, MixerFace, mixer & recorder
Mackie, DL1608, DL16S and DL32R mixers
Midas, MR18 mixer
Soundcraft, F1 compact mixer
Yamaha 01V96, mixer, MY-cards, instrument microphones
AKG, C3000, C419 microphone
Audio Technica, ATM33A, U873R microphones, 700, 2000 series wireless mics
Audix, OM6, ADX90 mics
Earthworks, SR68 microphone
Heil, PR22, PR35 microphones
Rode, M5, NT55, NT4 microphones
Shure, SM57, SM58, SM86, Beta57, Beta58, Beta87, KSM8 microphones, ULX wireless
Sennheiser, ES935 microphones, E100 wireless, HD25 headphones
Radial, J48, Pro48 direct boxes

Danley Sound Labs, SM60F and td-1 speakers, TH28, TH115 subwoofers
Electrovoice, SX300 speakers, N/D767 microphones
JBL, EON speakers
RCF, Art 410A speakers
Tannoy, VX8, VX8-P, VX12 speakers
Yorkville, U15PB speakers

Crest, Prolite7.5 amplifier
Crown, K1 amplifier
Peavey, IPR3000 amplifier
QSC, PL236, PLX1804 amplifiers

KlarkTeknik, DN410 PEQ
Xilica, XP4080 DSP

Studio6Digital, AudioTools app, ITest mic, IAudioInterface

And More!