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Often with a budget shockmount microphone clip, the rear sags down with the weight of the mic cable.

Here’s a picture of a mic clip and a fairly common size 20mm x 145mm mic:

Notice the mic is sitting pretty much level in the clip.
The trick is going with heavier gauge, slightly shorter O-rings for the horizontal bands.
Side-to-side isn’t an issue for me so I use the factory supplied bands here.
Here’s a close-up, showing the thicker horizontal, and skinnier vertical bands:

In the USofA the thicker O-rings are sold as Danco #14 size, with
a 15/16″ OD, 3/4″ ID and 3/32″ thickness.
Other companies sell this with a product number of 116, or 019.

These numbers are for a clip with a maximum outside diameter of 43mm.
Figure out the O-rings you have and get something a little sturdier and you are good to go.

A side benefit is when the mic is used vertically over an instrumet it is less likely to slide down and out of the clip.

Thanks and good health, Weogo

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