ContraSF, Contra Sound Forum was started in 1998 as a simple e-mail forum for
folks who run sound for Contra dances.
Dance organizers, Callers, Musicians, Dancers, really just about
anybody interested in audio production for any form of Folk Music is welcome to participate.
We entertain questions from the most basic up to fairly sophisticated.
Posts are appropriate for all age groups.

Contra dance sound has some demanding aspects:
A clear caller and music need to be heard on the whole dance floor, at modest volume.
The music is live and there may be several microphones wanting to feedback.
Venue acoustis are often poor.
Budgets are generally limited.
Sound equipment is often hauled to a dance, set up, run, taken down and stored in a spare room.

The Forum is moderated, meaning all subscriptions are approved, so spam is not an issue.

Wanna get involved?!  Send an e-mail to:
Please note a little about your interest in the Forum,
maybe the name of your local dance, etc. so
the moderator knows you are a real person who is not a spammer!
And your subscription will be approved.
Any issues, please see me contact page and get in touch.

Un-Subscribing is even easier than subscribing:
To be automatically removed, simply send an e-mail to:

Join us!

For contraSF,  Weogo Reed,  Asheville, NC


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