Welcome to LiveEdge!

January 2021 Covid19 Note:
For more than ten months now, all gigs have been cancelled.
We are observing CDC guidelines. We are at the home shop/office, with
time for cleaning, maintaining, repairing and upgrading equipment,
moving forward with the TwoFati microphone production,
working on our audio/video streaming equipment and skills, and
the garden is getting a lot of attention.  Word is the Swannanoa Gathering is happening this summer in some form.
If you have a specific audio need during this time, please let us know if we can help.
Be safe, be kind, and we’ll see you at a gig, sometime!

Since 1990 LiveEdge has been providing high quality Live Audio Design and Production.
Based in Asheville, NC., we can seamlessly cover your event:

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  • Parties
  • Dances
  • And more!